EMDR Supervision Services and Training

My EMDR Supervision Services

As a fully qualified EMDR Consultant, I offer Clinical EMDR Supervision in EMDR therapy for individuals in private practice, and for groups and teams in different organisations. Supervision for organisations usually take place on-site. The possibility of providing supervision via Skype can also be offered, if the supervisee lives a long distance away.

Providing EMDR Clinical Supervision is an extremely rewarding aspect of my work. I thoroughly enjoy helping therapists who have only recently trained in EMDR to:

  • develop their skills in EMDR.
  • integrate EMDR into their existing clinical / theoretical model of work.
  • gain confidence to put it in practice and progress along the pathway to become EMDR Accredited Practitioners or EMDR Consultants.

EMDR Supervision

An EMDR Consultant is an approved EMDR Practitioner with additional training and experience who is able to undertake the tasks of consultation or supervision of EMDR practitioners. EMDR Europe has accredited the consultants as reaching at least the following standards or their equivalent:

The role of the EMDR consultant plays a pivotal part in the future development of EMDR no more so than in the accreditation process itself. EMDR consultants have a key responsibility in maintaining quality assurance and high standards of practice in EMDR. As a consequence EMDR consultants need to demonstrate their considerable EMDR clinical experience and expertise. In addition they must demonstrate their supervision, consultation and teaching skills.

What is an EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant?

Accredited Consultants are Accredited Practitioners who have received further training and supervision as well as having extensive experience in the practice of EMDR.

They are qualified to supervise EMDR therapists who are working towards becoming Accredited Practitioners.

If you’re interested or would like to know more about the EMDR supervision services I provide, please do get in touch via the contact form on this website.